Company History

Four generations of company history

The year: 1874; the location: Busto Arsizio; the central character: Michele Solbiati. The combination of these three elements resulted in the creation of Michele Solbiati, a company that would become the global linen industry leader.

When you have what it takes, it shows

On the eve of the First World War, the company was entrusted to Michele’s three sons - Enea, Carlo and Leopoldo Solbiati - who transformed the small family firm into a full-scale clothing business. The company soon began to export products to the countries of the Mediterranean rim, before gaining a foothold in the Indian market and some South American countries.

Turning point

The turning point in the company’s history came when Peppino Solbiati – the third generation of the founding family - breathed new life into the company by exploiting the autocratic zeitgeist and introducing fabrics such as rayon and viscose.

Daring to change

Vittorio Solbiati started work with the company at a difficult time when it was experiencing the first effects of the sixties’ crisis. In an era when new ideas were in short supply, Vittorio Solbiati analysed the market perfectly, taking the decision to move away from artificial fibres in favour of focusing on linen.

A niche product

With Vittorio Solbiati at the helm, linen started to play a key role in the clothing segment of the business, achieving an amazing level of success in a very short time, especially in shirtings and a new version of “softened” linen for deconstructed jackets.

King Linen

Solbiati draws on its manufacturing flexibility and the invaluable body of experience amassed over its 130 year history to expand into the home furnishing fabrics sector and yarn distribution.